Aquabot Pool Rover Jr Robotic Automatic Pool Cleaner
Aquabot Pool Rover Jr Robotic Automatic Pool Cleaner
Aquabot Pool Rover Jr Robotic Automatic Pool Cleaner
Aquabot Pool Rover Jr Robotic Automatic Pool Cleaner
Aquabot Pool Rover Jr Robotic Automatic Pool Cleaner
Aquabot Pool Rover Jr Robotic Automatic Pool Cleaner
Aquabot Pool Rover Jr Robotic Automatic Pool Cleaner
Aquabot Pool Rover Jr Robotic Automatic Pool Cleaner
Aquabot Pool Rover Jr Robotic Automatic Pool Cleaner
Aquabot Pool Rover Jr Robotic Automatic Pool Cleaner
Aquabot Pool Rover Jr Robotic Automatic Pool Cleaner
Aquabot Pool Rover Jr Robotic Automatic Pool Cleaner

Aquabot Pool Rover Jr Robotic Automatic Pool Cleaner

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Pool Rover Junior


You bought a swimming pool to have fun—not to give yourself more work. Maybe you find yourself spending time cleaning the pool instead of swimming and enjoying. Or maybe you bought one of those pool cleaners that work off your pool filtration system. Because your aboveground pool filtration system was only designed to circulate and filter your pool water and not to have external cleaner hose connections to it that reduce the water flow in order to try and vacuum and clean your pool floor, you may have noticed that the circulation is weak and the pool filter requires constant cleaning. With each cleaning you can lose a few hundred gallons of water, and the chemicals in it, both of which negatively impact the environment, not to mention your wallet. Besides, look at the extra time and effort you spend on dragging out hoses, untangling them, laying them out so they don’t get that curved memory, fumbling with leaning over the pool to try and get the connection right at the wall. Worse yet, once you have it all ready to go, you later come out to find it stuck, maybe behind the ladder, or on the stairs, seams, drain or in deep footprints.

Stop working so hard and Start enjoying your life with the ease and convenience of the world’s #1 selling flat-bottom aboveground robotic pool cleaner; Aquabot Pool Rover Junior! “Pool Rover Junior” effortlessly cleans any flat-bottom aboveground pool configuration by simply plugging its thin ˝” diameter 41’ foot long floating cord to its compact power supply that simply plugs into your ground GFCI / RCD outlet and you press a button - that’s it! Pool Rover Junior immediately goes to work for you vacuuming and filtering - independent of your pool’s filtration system and without hoses or installation! At the mere touch of a button, Pool Rover Junior’s internal pump vacuums in everything from palm leaves to pine needles to pollen. Like a house vacuum, everything is trapped inside its body in its massive 23 quart maximum volume capacity microfilter bag. Immediately, clean and healthy microfiltered water is ejected outwards providing hydraulic thrust (like a JetSki) to drive Pool Rover Junior - without the need for costly wearable parts like diaphragms, flaps, gears, etc.

This powerful outward thrust circulates chemicals suspended below to properly circulate as well as enables warmer water above to mix with cooler water below, resulting in decreased chemical consumption (saving you up to 30% on your total chemical use) and reduced heat loss - saving energy, water and you, your friends and family from that brrr factor after jumping in. What are you waiting for? Get yourself a Pool Rover Junior now and start saving time and money, and get the healthiest swimming water with your very own Aquabot Pool Rover Junior today!


  • Just drop your lightweight Pool Rover Junior in your pool and push a button. It’s that easy!

  • Pool Rover Junior is self-contained with its own internal pump and filtration system, so it vacuums and filters without hoses or your pool’s filter!

  • It removes everything from large leaves to algae as small as 2 microns with its easy to clean, reusable 34-quart capacity microfilter bag.

  • Actually pays for itself by reducing total maintenance bills (chemical, water and energy) by as much as 50%!

  • Proven long life and virtually maintenance free, Pool Rover Junior will serve you well for many years.

  • Pool Rover Junior has a guidance system that’s simple to set that allows it to clean the floor of any shape flat-bottom aboveground pool.

  • Pool Rover Junior’s extra-wide non-marring wheels allow it to roll over ripples and foot printed vinyl pool bottoms.

  • Made in the U.S.A. Supported by the largest national network of robotic service centers and an in-house customer support team.

AquaBot Pool rover Junior your Pool’S Best Friend Saves you time & money, While Protecting your Family's Health

  • Self-contained with its own internal pump and filtration system; Independently vacuums, filters and circulates without hoses or the pool’s filter system!
  • The most reliable aboveground pool cleaner technology ever engineered; Virtually maintenance free - No gears, diaphragms, wings, pads, belts, or bearings to replace - ever!
  • Pays for itself by reducing energy, chemicals, water and filter media by as much as 50%!
  • No installation; Simple plug n’ play operation.
  • Removes everything from palm leaves to pine needles to pollen with its easy to clean, reusable 23 quart max. volume capacity microfilter bag!
  • Lightweight and efficient / Saves time andmoney; Cleans most pools in just 30 minutes!
  • Protects your family; Down to 2 micron filtration and most powerful circulation - healthiest water!
  • Systematically cleans any shape aboveground flat-bottom pool floor; Easy-to-set guidance system!
  • Never gets stuck; Large wheels roll over liner ripples, foot prints and raised drains!
  • Individually handbuilt in the U.S.A.!
  • Supported by theleading nationalnetwork of roboticservice centersand an in-housecustomer support team!

The Roving Filtration System that Cleans Any Flat-Bottom Aboveground Pool Floor!

The fastest, most reliable, efficient and convenient way to clean your pool floor.

Enjoy the Savings, cleanest Water & Fastest cleaning With the most reliable cleaner.Pool cleaners with hoses require operating your pool’s filtration system longer, cleaning the filtration system out more frequently and replacing filter media and chemically treated water more often – costing you time and money. Aquabot Pool Rover Junior self-contained mobile filtration system saves you energy, water, chemicals, the environment and time. This virtually maintenance free robot eliminates the headache of hoses and expense of constant wear and tear cleaner part replacement.This roving filtration system never gets stuck and vacuums away large debris like leaves, acorns and pine needles, while filtering out fine dirt like silt, algae and pollen. Cleans the floor of any flat-bottom aboveground pool in as little as 30 minutes.

Aboveground = AG
In Ground = IG


Engineered For:

Flat-Bottomed Vinyl Floors (No Slopes / Incines)

Pool Size (maximum) /

Up to 36' Any Configuration

Cleaning Time (most pools):

30 Minutes

Timer Auto Shut-Off:

2 Hours Smaller Pool Setting / 3 Hours Large Pool Setting

Forward / Reverse Timer:

2 Settings; Smaller Pools and Larger

Remote Control:


Filtration Debris / Dirt 

Large solids up to 1.2” x 4.7” in Width and Fine Particulates Down to 2 Microns

Filter Debris Holding

34 Quarts Maximum Volume

Debris Intake Ports:

2 Offset; Clog-Free operation 1.2" x 4.7" each

Suction Port Depths:


Port Velocity Adjustments:



1 Year